The Orchard Sessions: Volume 11

The History:

Here’s some REAL LEGITIMATE HISTORY. Do y’all know where I went to High School? I went to Hastings High School, New York, 10706. Put it in yer books and don’t forget. SUPER IMPORTANT INFORMATION.

Okay back to seriousness. While at that venerable institution I was fortunate enough to meet a young singer named Johanna Warren. We were both in a small community of people that were making music. Jo has been special since day one. So when I saw a beautiful self made video of her singing I thought it would be pretty badass to bring her into the living room. And then I called Sachi and Gavin and everybody snapped into gear and we set up this session in just under 24 hours. We learned the song as we set up. This is the kind of session I dream about.

Session Details

Artist : Johanna Warren
Date Filmed : 08/04/2013