The Orchard Sessions: Volume 12

The History:

I met the wonderful and deliciously unique Charlotte Cornfield through my favorite branch of Canadian musicians. My initial band at New School was full of Les Canadiens, and there were a couple of years where we were in Montreal a TON (I miss those! We have to bring those back!).

Franky Rousseau, my guitarist at the time and currently one of my dearest friends, introduced me to Charlotte as a musician and human. She excels ridiculously at both. We brought her in for my series at Cornelia Street Café to play with Kate Davis (ayyy, volume 6!) and then decided that an Orchard Session was necessary. She came in and rocked this in just under three takes. Then we went for Chinese food. It was great.


Charlotte Cornfield
Franky Rousseau

Session Details

Artist : Charlotte Cornfield
Date Filmed : 11/24/2013