The Orchard Sessions: Volume 14

I’ve known Solomon Dorsey for a hot minute and have always been a fan of his. A fellow New Schooler, I first heard him playing with the amazing José James (with whom we’re both on tour now). Solomon absolutely blew me out of the water. His musicianship, stage presence and excitement were unparalleled.

One night when José was recording his new record (that Solomon played on and I wrote on) we stayed until 4 in the morning. Solomon picked up a guitar and played me a new song he was working on. I legitimately couldn’t believe my ears. It was so beautiful, and succinct and PERFECT. I asked him to do an Orchard Session with that song, because the world needs to hear Solomon. A lot. Since then he has written many more equally unbelievable songs and moved to LA where he makes perfect sense smiling and swimming and eating beautiful vegan food. I consider myself fortunate to know him and to have documented his amazingness in the living room.

On Solomon’s session I’m also ECSTATIC to welcome Lexie Smith, who will be doing a beautiful portrait of each artist from now on. Below is her amazing first one of Mr. Dorsey!!

Illustration by Lexie Smith

Illustration by Lexie Smith

Session Details

Artist : Solomon Dorsey
Date Filmed : 01/26/2014