The Orchard Sessions: Volume 15

Becca Stevens is my best friend in this whole stupid world. She is also one of the best musicians in this whole stupid world. I’ve been meaning to feature her since good ol’ volume 1 of these sessions, and finally got around to it.

Becca’s upcoming new record, Perfect Animal (which you can and SHOULD pledge to HERE!!!) is magnificent. I’ve heard the mixes and can confidently say it is her best work. It is a sweeping, epic, magnificent and bold album. I wanted to feature one of my favorite songs from said album in the living room, so we chose this beautiful delicate cover. We haven’t ever done a cover on the sessions, but like I always say, Becca’s covers are basically originals. See for yerself.

Session Details

Artist : Becca Stevens
Date Filmed : 04/08/2014