The Orchard Sessions: Volume 6

The History: I reached out to Kate Davis after hearing just a small teaser of some beautiful singer-songwriter material of hers. That Friday she came over to my house with twelve demos of her new songs. I listened through and was taken aback at the hauntingly beautiful material she has up until now kept to herself. Each song was more beautiful than the last, though “Movie” seemed our obvious favorite.

So we decided to do the session for the very next day, with just Kate, myself, and Nick Jozwiak on cello. Turns out Kate and Nick did a summer program together nearly a decade ago, and so the reunion was really nice! These days Kate continues to kill the game. She performs regularly and her music has really taken shape. This song is still one of my faves, though. Featuring: Kate Davis Nick Jozwiak

Session Details

Artist : Kate Davis
Date Filmed : 09/05/2012