The Orchard Sessions: Volume 9

The History: 

A few months ago, a magnificent woman named Karen Backus generously gave my Orchard Street abode a 900% upgrade by donating her Steinway studio upright to the space. As you can imagine, this was my favorite news. Upon arrival it became clear that for approximately two days before the beauteous Camila Meza (ayyy Orchard Seshies Volume 7 ), took my old piano, there were going to be two pianos in my house.

And y’can’t just have two pianos without doing SOMETHING.

So, on a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens w/ Camila, I ran into the amazing Glenn Zaleski and floated my very new idea by him. He was down, which almost made me jump into the tulip garden with excitement. I had a bit of trouble finding the second player, but my story of finding Dalton is one of my favorites (read in his artist section for that!). Adriel signed on the night before, in a spontaneous bout of excellence.

We brought our amazing new videographer Sachi Machlachlan on in this session. She is a joy.

Glenn Zaleski
Dalton Ridenhour
Adriel Williams

Session Details

Artist : Glenn Zaleski, Dalton Ridenhour, Adriel Williams
Date Filmed : 06/08/2013