The Orchard Sessions: Volume 1

The History:  

I originally wanted to call this “The Living Room Series,” but decided against it since The Living Room is a well known and well branded Lower East Side music venue. Regardless, the sessions had been an idea I’d been throwing around for a while. I emailed my dear friend Beto Vargas and we set a date to film the first session.

The Song:

“Waiting for a Sign” was the initial idea I had while on a 1 train uptown. I had just visited my older brother — a brilliant poet and fellow roamer — in New Hampshire and was feeling this weight of not quite knowing where on earth I was headed (which I feel like…. ALWAYS). In any event I got home and fleshed it out on the piano and ended up with “Waiting for a sign.” Of course the ACTUAL song only got finished when everyone arrived, since I can’t finish anything unless there’s a time restraint.

Jessy Tomsko
Dan Parra
Neal Ludevig
Eric Read
ean Healey

Session Details

Artist : Talia Billig
Date Filmed : 06/19/2012